Admit it. You’re sick of scrolling through 4WD and camping sites and seeing image after image of blokes without families. Oh hey! Yeah it’s great to be able to travel the country side, three or four vehicle convoys with a bunch of blokes on their own. But there is no way your missus and kids would stay dutifully at home, and miss all the fun.
And to be honest (while it makes things harder in some respects), you kinda like your family and enjoy having them around. It’s a chance to spend some decent time together away from the mundane, 9-5 of everyday life.
So, where are the families? You see them every weekend you make that trip up the coast, or out bush, but never online or in those glossy magazines. So where are they?
Well we’re one of them and we’re here! We’re behind the wheel, we’re stuffing the roof full of boards, chairs, tents and camping gear and the Troopie full of food, cooking gear, clothes and sand toys. We’re grabbing the ton of extra “just in case” clothing, rolling our eyes at each other over whether we really need it, but jamming it in anyway, because the missus said so (and she is always right!!!).
Now don’t get me wrong, we have our domain. We get to decide the cool stuff. The beyond bright head torch (‘cause we need those 1200 lumens) that help us find the kids when they wander off into the darkness, the 80L fridge (‘cause those bloody little juice boxes and not square yoghurt tubs take up a lotta room….not to mention the beer we need to survive endure successfully navigate the trip…), and the rock sliders and twin lockers, because….well, who wants to take the easy road.
So that’s what Offroad Living is all about. It’s about your family, about the challenges you face getting your family from A to B and being able to enjoy the journey in between.
We’re an Aussie family, Mum, Dad and two kids, who love to travel and get out there in this great country of ours. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we get it. Join us for the ride, learn what works (and what doesn’t), share your stories and we’ll share ours….and remember, it’s often the trips that go completely pear shaped that make for the best memories.
See ya Offroad,